Wednesday, May 5, 2010's May 2010 Trend Briefing covering "STATUSPHERE"'s May 2010 Trend Briefing covering "STATUSPHERE"

"STATUSPHERE | As consumers are starting to recognize and respect fellow consumers who stray off the beaten consuming-more-than-thou-path, 'new' status can be about acquired skills, about eco-credentials, about generosity, about connectivity... All of this makes for a far more diversified 'STATUSPHERE' than most brands and organizations have traditionally catered to. Time to really figure out how and where your customers are now finding their status fix."

Not sure how this relates to the Inland Empire, especially with more suburban and simple values. Or, maybe I'm thinking of the older generation of consumers in the IE. Now that 12 year olds have cell phones and are mobile I guess the article's mention of "participation is the new consumption" would be very relevant.

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