Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Evernote Review

My first review on productivity tools is Evernote. The image below is a description on their site about how to use Evernote. I especially enjoyed their soft edged graphics. But before I go into my review about Evernote, let me tell you how I discovered it. I stumbled upon an article titled, "12 Essential Android Apps for SMBs." They listed the usual, Google Maps, Skype Mobile, Google Goggles which other blogs have been praising as well. I have some of these apps already but I discovered a few new ones I thought might be interesting to use and review like Evernote, Documents to Go, PageOne Personal Assistant and Pocket Lie Detector (that should be fun!).

So, couple weeks ago I attended an SBA/SCORE class in Glendale about building business credit and reviewed twenty recommended steps on how to accomplish it. Lots of great tactics and taught by an entrepreneur and business development consultatnt - super helpful! So, I thought I'd test my Evernote tool and record the session using the audio text tool. On my way home, I listened to the recorded sessions which I split into five parts. I found it useful because often times I can't write fast enough to get all the notes and for something as important as this I definitely didn't want to miss any details.

Next time, i may try recording it on Google Voice so the recording can then be transcribed, which I feel Evernote is missing. Also, would be nice if Evernote's text and audio notes could be transferred more easily to blogs.

Next productivity tool review will be Basecamp. It's an online project management tool I've been using for five years now and I can't imagine building my site without it. Stay tuned...

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