Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Accounting 101: The Fundamentals

Below is a new accounting tutorial I learned about from my "Financial Management Essentials" course at PACE (Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment).

Accounting 101: The Fundamentals
I'll probably review the course and write a review and learnings here on the blog. :)

Here's the course content in case anyone is ever interested in a course at PACE.
Session 1: Principles of Financial Management, 5/25
Session 2: Profit and Loss Statement / Trend Analysis, 6/1
Session 3: Balance Sheet / Balance Sheet Analysis, 6/8
Session 4: Inventory Management & Pricing, 6/15
Session 5: Cash Flow Projections / Improving Cash Flow, 6/22
Session 6: Financing Your Business - Access to Capital, 6/29

Here's a little about PACE from their site:
PACE was created to offer job training and job placement services to its constituent communities.

Today, PACE’s scope of services includes workforce development, housing services and development, environmental services, small business assistance, and early childhood education. PACE is headquartered in the Downtown Los Angeles area with field offices and programs located throughout Los Angeles, the San Gabriel Valley and the South Bay. The agency has a workforce of over 380 employees who are multi-lingual and multi-cultural to meet various needs of its constituent communities.

PACE is a leader in making positive changes in our diverse communities that have social and economic challenges. PACE transforms lives through empowerment of individuals, families and businesses.


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