Thursday, August 11, 2011

Riverside Food Truck Festival Day Itinerary

Hi neighbors!

Not sure if you've heard but we're gearing up for the Riverside Food Truck Festival and we want to share the experience with you by giving away 2 free VIP tickets. All you have to do is Like our FB page and leave a wall post telling us of a spot/destination/event/attraction in the IE that is "one of a kind" and unique.

So, I'm an over planner and since I plan on being out in Riverside I've decided to make a day of it and create an itinerary. Here are a few spots I plan on checking out that day. What about you? What's on your day's itinerary?

1. Put on stretchy pants and head to the Riverside Food Truck Festival
2. Head to the Sweeney Art Gallery and take a look at the world's largest photograph
3. Get more of my photography appreciation fill in by heading to the California Museum of Photography
4. If I can swing it I may stop by the Dinosaur Truck Stop (Attn: Pee Wee Herman fans, the "Big Adventure" was filmed here!)
5. And after all of the above I know I'll be hungry again (I get exhaustingly hungry every two hours - it's annoying haha) so I'll head to Cafe Sevilla for some tapas
6. Then call it a day by catching a couple flicks at the Van Buren Drive In

Well, till the day of the festival (9/3), here are some pictures of Riverside to help inspire us. I hope to return with more to show you and better shots.

Till next time...

Riverside collage

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Riverside Food Truck Festival VIP Ticket Giveaway

Hi neighbors -

Have you heard? We're giving away 2 VIP tickets to the 9/3 Riverside Food Truck Festival! It's easy to enter. Just follow these steps:
1. From 8/5-8/18 Like us on Facebook here
2. Leave a wall post and tell us what you think is a unique destination, event, attraction, restaurant - anything "one of a kind" to the IE.
3. Check the Facebook page on Friday, 8/19, when we announce our winner.

Here's what you get with the VIP tickets:
- Early entrance to the event (10 a.m.)
- Air conditioned VIP Tent
- Goodie bags
- Private Bathrooms
- Free Water and Soda
- Private Patio to Watch the Concert(s)

For official rules you can check it out here.

We hope to hear from you! Good luck :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

One of a Kind IE: Citrus-y Past / Ticket Giveaway

Hi neighbors!

Over 150 miles of traveling around the IE later and we have our new blog post! Wandering around the IE the agricultural history is visible all around the region.

For example did you know that the city of Pomona is named after the Roman goddess of fruit, Riverside is the birthplace of the California citrus industry and Upland was established as an irrigation colony by William and George Chaffey (you know...Chaffey College)? These are just a few tidbits of our rich citrus-y past. Some of the remnants and homages to our rich agricultural history are still around in the left over plots of citrus farms from yesteryear scattered around some of our neighborhoods and of course my favorite - the murals and city signage influenced by vintage citrus labels.

Our team went on a field trip using some spots I've been meaning to visit and a few friend's suggestions about where we could find some vintage citrus label signage and murals (Sorry, @HDBuzz, we couldn't get to the Barstow Main Street Murals - next time! Same to @SoapGourmet *sad face*). We visited a few sites and took some photos so that we could share with you something we feel is definitely "One of a kind IE."

Here are only a few photos we took on our excursion and you can check out more on our Facebook and Flickr.

IE Citrus-y Past

IE citrus-y past

IE citrus-y past

So in line with our "One of a kind IE" column we want to hear from our neighbors! We want to know what you think is one of a kind in the IE. What are some unique spots in our neighborhood that you love? We want to hear it so badly that we're giving away one pair of VIP tickets to the upcoming, September 3rd Riverside Food Truck Festival. Starting at 10:00 a.m. PT this Friday, August 5th, you can enter to win our ticket giveaway by liking our Facebook page (here) AND leaving a wall post telling us what you think is "One of a kind IE." On August 19th, one randomly selected lucky winner will get two VIP tickets. For official rules you can check it out here.

How about them apples? (hehe) So keep an eye out for the FB post on Friday morning then Like us, leave a wall post and good luck! Hope to hear from you...

(p.s. To our already existing FB followers, don't worry you can still participate. Just leave us a wall post about what you think is "One of a kind IE.")


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