Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our first IEShineOn "Local Stars"

Hi neighbors -

My site is once again delayed from my previous ideal launch date, which is frustrating. And in these moments of frustration and doubt I have to remind myself of why I'm creating this site and its original inspiration. A big reason why I decided to create a destination site for the Inland Empire is that this area is my roots. I was raised here and my parents still reside and do business here.

They have owned their business for over 27 years and it's these type of long time  family run businesses that exist in the IE that give our community character. So for our next blog series I would like to focus on local businesses that have been family run or owned for over 20 years and we're going to call these folks our "Local Stars." These are the places that make this area unique, and like I've been saying, one of a kind.

I'm not going to reveal the location of my parents' business but let's just say they have been standing over this grill and greeting generations of customers off Rte. 66 for over 27 years. They have seen young families grow up and bring their kids to the same place of business where they ate as a child. It is their continued drive and their support of all my dreams that I dedicate my first Local Stars blog post to them.

Here's a picture of the proud couple on their first days of starting out their new life and business.  The picture is from a distance but you can tell they're smiling and feel the optimism through the photo. I hope through whatever Life throws at me that I tackle it head on with as much gusto!

Local Stars 1

I feel I have a legitimate stake in the continued growth of this community and it's my responsibility to do what I can to give back to the area that gave me the foundation to go for my dreams. If you can understand how I feel and would like to nominate a business to be spotlighted in our "Local Stars" blog series we'd love to hear from you. Give us a shout on FB or tweet us!

Till next time...

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