Sunday, January 22, 2012

#InlandEmpire #NationalPieDay Guide

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Hi neighbors!

The weekend is drawing to a close but I'm not too sad.  I've been working hard this weekend and I could use a rest from working long nights.  Can't wait for a time where I only work during the days on the site.  Sigh, one day.  But I digress.

I can't wait for the weekend to end also because I can't wait for #NationalPieDay, January 23rd!  Some super helpful Inland Empire Funsters on Twitter and Facebook - like @dine909@keatingaround@ie_foodtrucks and Mary Beth A.  have been giving me some great suggestions on where I should go to celebrate yet another holiday dedicated to baked pastries.  Love it!  So here is a list of some local Inland Empire favorites.  If we've missed any please don't hesitate to steer us in the right direction by leaving a post on FB or tweet us.

Oh and if you partake in Pie Day we'd love to see a pic of your deliciousness!  Post a picture and tag us @IEShineOn.  We'd love to see.

Bon apetit!  Till next time...

1. Mommie Helen's Bakery (Colton) - Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video of their bakery!

2. Mrs. Redd's Pie (Colton)

3. Corky's Kitchen and Bakery (Rancho Cucamonga, Rialto, Corona)

4. Apple Annie's Restaurant & Bakery (Oak Glen)

5. Law's Oak Glen Coffee Shop  (Oak Glen)

6. Apple's Dumplin's at Parrish Ranch  (Oak Glen)

7. Julian Pie (Julian) - While right outside of the IE they still sell to a lot of places in our neighborhood.  Here's where you can find them.  Plus did you know that Julian Pie is also listed in the Serious Eats List of Best Pie Places in America?

8. Thelma's Restaurant and Bakery (Big Bear)

9. Gerrard's Market (Redlands)

10. Kalura's Trattoria (Palm Springs)

11. Polly's Pies (so many locations, check out their site for more info)

12. Village Grille 50's Diner (Claremont)

13. Big Bell's Sweet Potato Pie (Palmdale) - never heard of this place but was doing some research and they sound amazing!  Here's an awesome video about them.  Honestly, now I can't wait to try!

14. Loma Linda Market (Loma Linda) - Have never been here before but they say it has a bakery.  They're a large, all vegetarian grocery ran by the Loma Linda University.

Ok, I know we have a ton more to list but this is it for now.  If you want to learn more about pies you can go to the American Pie Council's site - yes, there's actually a pie council.  Again, if you think we've missed one please give us a shout on FB and tweet us!

Till next time...nom nom nom....

** EDIT **
We apologize, but we forgot a huge local favorite - Flo's Airport Cafe in Chino!  How could we forget their huge servings and their featured pie of the day?  Forgive us, Flo's!  Thanks for the reminder, @davidallen909!

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