Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Itinerary

Hi folks -

The official first day of summer is just around the corner and I'm super excited! I'm blasting off my summer itinerary with my upcoming trip to Palm Springs. It's more of a work trip - exploring, taking lots of photos, lots of people watching and try to cram in as many attractions as possible.

My Palm Springs itinerary started me thinking about the list of IE events and destinations I'm looking forward to checking out this summer. Some things are traditions and some are new adventures I want to take.

1. Palm Springs (soon to be checked off my list. yay!)
2. IE Food Truck Fest, 6/18 - definitely bringing the stretchy pants for this event
3. Farmers markets - although these are all year long, I'm still looking forward to the fresh summer fruit!
4. Claremont Summer Concerts Series - free concert, picnic dinner and blanket...sounds heavenly
5. Theater production of "Annie" at the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center - This will be my first time visitng the Victoria Gardens Cultural Center for a theater performance.
6. Take a hike around Mt. Baldy - I used to do this a lot in high school. Curious how I'm going to hold up :)
7. On July 4th, watch fireworks from my parents' home in Upland (aww traditions)

I'm going to stop at seven items for now and continue to add to this list in the upcoming weeks. I'm sure by the time July rolls around I'll have a laundry list of great stuff. If any readers have any recommendations I'd love to add them to the itinerary! You can comment on this blog post or reach me at my Twitter or Facebook page.

Let's end with a lovely image from the IE just for the heck of it :). Enjoy and till next time...

Chino Hills

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