Monday, May 16, 2011

IE Car Appreciation

While we wait for our next Palm Springs post I want to share something I only discovered by visiting the IE and have come to learn to appreciate. It's the Cruise Nights here. I'm by no means a car fan. Personally, my car just takes me from point A to point B and I have to make sure I keep it maintained. That's pretty much it.

Well, I've gone to a few festivals now in the IE and have found that at many of them there are car shows, parades and exhibitions. I originally went to these events to just check out the people and see if anybody would be interested in a site like the one I'm developing. But over time I've come to appreciate the care, detail and passion some of these artists put into their automobile. SoCal has a passionate cruise night following with lots of meet ups like the ones here.

Not sure if you caught it on my FB or Twitter but I was recently at the Mario Andretti Racing Experience at the Fontana Auto Club Speedway. Friend and I had to wake up pretty early to get out there from LA but it was a lot of fun. I'm a huge daily deals advocate and I purchased an amazing deal for the racing experience. Here are some shots from that day.

As I continue to record my adventures out in the IE, there's a big chance that you'll see a lot more (hopefully better) shots of great vintage cars, cruise nights and SoCal car culture. Glad I can share this with you. Enjoy!

Fontana ACS
fontana acs_2

Here are a few more images I've captured on various IE outings. There were so many amazing car photos to choose from it was difficult to choose these. Just a couple warnings - my camera skills don't do these cars justice. Also, apologies for not quoting the car makes, models and owners. I'm definitely going to remember to include these details next time.

Rockabilly Show @ Claremont Colleges
*Rockabilly Show at the Claremont Colleges. I love the graphic on the wall*

2011 Rte 66 Rendezvous
*2011 Rte. 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino.*

2011 Rte 66 Rendezvous
*More shots from the 2011 Rte. 66 Rendezvous in San Bernardino*

2010 Pomona Christmas Parade
*2010 Pomona Christmas Parade - Just an example of old school transportation. HAHA*

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