Friday, May 6, 2011

Destination: Palm Springs

So in the spirit of my new direction, I'm dedicating this blog post about my recent trip to Palm Springs. It's been over 15 years since I first went to Palm Springs and I was still in braces and at the mercy of my parents' travel itinerary. I remember the Aerial Tramway and that's about it. I saw a whole different side of Palm Springs when I was there this past February. So much has changed and I was really impressed with all the great attractions, shops, modern sculptures and overall fun factor.

Below is our blog's first attempt at a photo edit/collage (learned from our Blogging Your Way course). Just a mix of what we saw around town and a view from the Mission Hills Westin where we stayed.

PS collage 6

PS collage 11
** I like this frame treatment better but the caption font is still hard to read **

Some things I was really impressed with:
- all the great antique/vintage shops
- renovated hotels and casinos like Agua Caliente Hotel and Spa
- Most importantly, I was really impressed with all the locals and out of towners who were roaming around. There were lots of out of towners for the bike marathon and lots of locals grabbing a drink Sunday afternoon at the local cantina.

I was gravely mistaken in my initial thought that Palm Springs would be sleepy around February. After speaking with the expert at the Convention Center, I learned that February is actually one of the best months to go to Palm Springs because it's cold everywhere else but Palm Springs is nice, warm and sunny! Perfect for the quick winter getaway.

I specifically wanted to mention Palm Springs because I'll be heading out there again in June. I forgot my nice Nikon at home and only had my point-and-shoot (so frustrating argh!). So, I'll be heading out there again with some friends with a better lay of the land and a better camera. Can't wait to show you even more shots from the next experience (and next time we'll have our pix formatted nice and neatly).

Have a great day!

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