Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Seth Godin Turns Browsers To Buyers

Any marketer worth their muster has read an article by Seth Godin or at least heard his name. He is a best selling author (some deem him as "America's Greatest Marketer") and marketing savant with an incredible blog. I recently stumbled upon an article that breaks down how Seth turns his audience into buyers.

How Seth Godin Turns Browsers To Buyers

Here's the breakdown the article provides:
1. The reader is the most important person on Seth's site.
2. Great titles
3. Brevity (of his titles)
4. Unique
5. Evangelists (rabid fan base)
6. Rabid Fans
7. Frequency
8. No images
9. Google juice (posts every day, so Google rates it higher than competitors)
10. Non-social social media (Seth doesn't have interactive community on his blog. No two way communication)
11. Call to action (get the reader to do something)


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