Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Dinner at Ra Pour

Hi neighbors -

So I'm really excited about this blog post.  I don't think I've ever reviewed a restaurant on this blog but something about Ra Pour makes me want to share my experience with everyone.  To me Ra Pour is more than just the premiere of upscale dining in the Inland Empire.  To me it represents what we as a community could  show the rest of the world what living is like in the IE.

Right now our community is having a tough time with high unemployment and numerous budget cuts. We are in dire need of a solution that will revitalize our communities.  In my opinion, until our local housing and construction industry returns to its former glory, one option I see is entertainment revenue.

Anyone from any walk of life wants to go out and have a good time.  If we can share with the rest of the world and communicate with our own community what the Inland Empire has to offer I think we can draw in revenue from our surrounding communities like San Gabriel Valley, San Diego county and Los Angeles while also keep local spending  within our community therefore contributing to our own revitalization.  We are already witnessing the fact that the state isn't going to contribute to our growth, so it's up to us.

I suppose I am very reflective on all of this because the redesign for this blog is launching soon and then soon after will come the launch of the website - IEShineOn.com.  A website consisting of Inland Empire dining, shopping and attraction listings - a trustworthy go-to for locals and out-of-towners to use when looking for a good time in the IE.  A project I have been working on for almost eight years which has turned into a small business.  So when I went to Ra Pour and then was impressed I thought back to the site I was building.  This restaurant gives me hope in what can be achieved in the Inland Empire and for our community's future.  I can only hope that IEShineOn.com can be a hopeful beacon to others as well.

Wow - seriously side tracked.  Let's talk about Ra Pour.  I have been anticipating the opening of Ra Pour since before its opening.  To my limited knowledge I don't think there's another restaurant quite like it in the Inland Empire.  It's an ultra-chic, modern, sexy restaurant serving delicious gourmet dishes.  Oh, and there's live jazz!  You can say I was already expecting great things.  Here are just a few pictures I took from my dinner.  I hope you enjoy them and thanks for bearing with me.  I tend to babble on when I get reflective...and with lack of sleep.  ;-)

Till next time...

At first entrance you're already set to be impressed

Arrived early enough to catch their dinner staff in their last huddle before
it got busy...and boy, did they get busy!
From front to back: Chicken and waffles (about the moistest chicken and waffles
I've ever had), Middle: Mezze Platter (hummus, tzatziki, mouhamarra, eggplant caviar
and very warm pita bread); Back: Lobster pops with lemongrass-coconut sauce.

Paella - which my friend attempted to eat all on her own.  Ambitious!

Planked Loch Duart Salmon (bacon crust, lentils, roasted roots and
kumquat marmalade)

You may have seen this on our Facebook page but I just had to share again.
This is their chocolate ganache plate and homemade whoopie pies.  Yes, they were
as good as they looked.

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